Educational Services

After School Program

The Resource Room offers children a safe and enriched environment to learn, grow and play. Our After School Program is designed for students in grades K-8. Certified instructors help students with homework and re-enforce lessons through educational games.

Program components include:

  • Quality Homework Assistance
  • Literacy Instruction
  • Physical Fitness
  • Social Skills
  • Enrichment
  • Free Healthy Snack

Funding from The Children’s Trust allows us to offer this program at a low cost to the community. Students who do not require transportation pay only $65 per trimester (every nine weeks).

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Academic Success Tutorial Program

The Resource Rooms Tutorial Program is designed to help students master essential skills so that they may feel successful and confident in school. Our certified instructor takes a hands-on approach with students. We assess each child’s educational level. We then provide an inclusive program customized to meet their educational and developmental goals.

Your childs success is our priority. Therefore, we developed a unique approach inclusive of the following:
Step 1: Diagnostic Assessment Test
Step 2: Personal Interview
Step 3: Develop Individualized Learning Plan
Step 4: Secure Family Commitment
Step 5: Begin Academic Success Tutorial Program
Step 6: Measure and Report Progress

The program is offered to individuals and small groups. Home tutoring services are also available. Classes are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

COST: $65 two days a week or $95 three days a week


CERT (Certified Emergency Response Team)

Teen CERT training teaches teens readiness and response skills. Hands-on practice and realistic exercises prepares them for the unexpected in their community. Newly taught leadership skills empower youth to safely respond to an emergency and assist victims without endangering yourself or others. Teens be equipped with skills that last a lifetime.

Become a Resource Room student member to participate in Teen CERT.

For more information on Teen CERT download brochure.

Behavioral Health Center

Behavioral Health Centers mission is to provide timely access to high quality mental health care services and treatments. We are committed to treating all clients with dignity and respect. All of our services are confidential.

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Resource Room Student Membership

With you tax-deducible membership you GROW with us!
The Resource Room is your “Neighborhood One Stop” to unlimited resources and real information that produces real results! Becoming a member entitles you to discounts, exclusive invites and special events that will connect you to your successful possibility.

Membership is ONLY $35 a year.

Join now as a STUDENT member and immediately enjoy:
Only available for K-12 graders

  • Membership in the NAACP Youth Council
  • Attend 3 “YED” FREE
  • Academic assistance pass for up to 90 min ( with projects, math, virtual school, etc.)
  • 5 FREE Computer usage time up to 60 min per visit
  • $5 Credit to snack bar
  • ALWAYS receive weekly discounts and exclusive invitations to members-only parties and special events

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$180 Value



Join now as an Adult STAR member and immediately enjoy:
• 5 FREE Faxes up to 5 pgs. each per visit
• 5 FREE Copies up to 5 pgs. each per visit
• 5 FREE Computer usage time up to 30 min per visit
• 2 FREE Notarizations up to 2 pgs. per visit
• ALWAYS receive weekly discounts and exclusive invitations to members-only parties and special events

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Choose the membership option that’s right for you. Then, contact The Resource Room by calling